What are opioids? To many of us, we know them as pain relievers; prescription medication specifically prescribed to us by a healthcare professional to help alleviate the effects of an injury, illness, or other serious condition.

To others, they’re dangerous—oftentimes fatal.

How did it come about that something designed to help individuals feel less pain is more overall harm than they are good? Unfortunately, millions of individuals are prescribed some form of opiate. Many of these people abuse their prescriptions.

What Makes Opioids So Addicting?

For the user, there may be a number of reasons they may have become addicted to opiate use. For instance, some individuals are addicted simply because it does its job—it relieves the pain they may be feeling. Because the user enjoys being free of pain, they may use it more and more often.

For others, they may have discovered that the prescription drug gives them a bigger high than some illegal drugs sold on the streets. As users take the drugs more and more, their body must adapt, needing more in order to reach the same feeling. This is when overdose occurs.

Overdose from Opioid Use

Excessive use of a prescription opiate can be extremely dangerous for the user because it causes damage to the body. For instance, it can cause liver damage, respiratory issues, problems with the nervous system, and more. In the worst instances, overdose can result in death.

Family members of users should recognize the signs of an addiction to opioids to help their loved one during a time of need. Getting treatment is the first step and fighting against the nationwide epidemic is the next.

Our Florida opioid attorneys at The Ferraro Law Firm have joined forces with Palm Beach County to file a lawsuit against 35 big pharmaceutical companies, distributors and key opinion leaders. These types of cases are often difficult to navigate, but seeking change is always a top priority.

We are working to put an end to opioid overdoses in South Florida. We encourage others in the legal community to join us.

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