After announcing in May that they would be suing multiple opioid distributors and manufacturers, the Florida State Attorney’s office recently announced that the state is also suing Walgreens and CVS for their roles in the opioid epidemic. According to the press release, these pharmaceutical chain companies “failed in their duties under Florida law to stop suspicious orders of opioids,” which could potentially make them liable for damages to the state. This is part of a recent effort from many state and local governments to rein in opioid-makers with civil lawsuits.

At The Ferraro Law Firm, we believe in holding companies accountable when their careless and negligent actions hurt families. On behalf of our entire firm, we applaud the State Attorney’s office for holding corporations like Walgreens and CVS accountable for over-prescribing dangerous medications in the interests of profit.

The True Cost of the Florida Opioid Epidemic

Nationally, more than 415,800 people have died due to opioid overdose, and more than a trillion dollars have been spent on this epidemic since 2001. In every corner of the nation, the catastrophic effects of opioid over-prescription have cost many thousands of people their lives and livelihoods, and Florida is no exception. The opioid epidemic in Florida is one of the most severe in the country, and many consider Palm Beach and Broward counties to be the epicenter of the national opioid crisis. In 2016 alone, more than 2,798 Floridians died as a result of opioid overdose.

Based on numbers provided by the DEA, Walgreens may have been responsible for ordering ten times the average amount of oxycodone at each of their Florida pharmacies. By dispensing massive quantities of cheap opioids, distributors like Walgreens may have driven Floridians to far more hazardous synthetic opioid (or fentanyl) addictions, and ultimately caused many people to face overdose and death.

Representing Floridians Injured by Opioid Addiction

Here at The Ferraro Law Firm, our Florida opioid litigation lawyers have been actively fighting against the negligent companies and healthcare professionals who caused this tragedy in Palm Beach County. Targeting more than 35 major pharmaceutical companies and distributors, our current lawsuit seeks justice for the Palm Beach communities torn apart by opioid use.

If you believe that you or your loved one have been overprescribed opiates that led to addiction and overdose, our skilled legal team can assist. By providing compassionate counsel and strong advocacy, we can help you fight back against even the largest pharmaceutical companies, and seek the justice that your family deserves.

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