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Palm Beach County filed a lawsuit in a Florida state court several weeks ago against approximately 29 pharmaceutical companies, accusing them of fueling the county’s opioid crisis through negligence and misleading practices. Last year, there were roughly 600 opioid-related deaths in Palm Beach County, which has several times experienced one of the highest rates of opioid overdose and death in the country.

Among the 29 pharmaceutical companies are some big names in the drug industry, including:

  • Purdue Pharma
  • McKesson Corp.
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical

Palm Beach County Mayor Melissa McKinlay issued a statement, in which she explained the reasons for filing such a suit at this point in time, saying, “The thousands of Palm Beach County families struck by this epidemic deserve to hold someone accountable for deceptive, unscrupulous practices involving opioid dispensing, advertising and prescribing.”

The Ferraro Law Firm Represents Palm Beach County in Effort to Hold Big Pharmaceutical Companies Accountable for Opioid Crisis in South Florida

The Ferraro Law Firm has been selected to represent Palm Beach County in going after big names in the pharmaceutical industry. Our experienced Florida trial lawyers are more than prepared to provide the county with the award-winning legal advocacy for which our firm has come to be known.

Of the approximately 29 pharmaceutical companies being sued by the county, says Attorney Janpaul Portal. “They are all responsible because each one of them played a significant role. Each one of them chose to look the other way while earning billions of dollars at the cost of Palm Beach County’s taxpayers.”

According to reports, any funds recovered by the county in this lawsuit would be directed toward treatment and recovery services for those affected by opioid addiction, as well as tools and education for first responders who are often called upon to deal with opioid-related emergencies. It is our hope that the damages collected in this lawsuit will promote the future health and well-being of Palm Beach County citizens and provide necessary services for those affected by the opioid crisis, as well as education for those who are at risk.

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The pharmaceutical companies in question claim not to have played a role in fanning the flames of the opioid crisis in South Florida, which continues to claim innocent lives, devastate families, and make billions of dollars in profits. Our firm intends to provide Palm Beach County with the strongest possible representation in order to protect the best interests of the citizens of Palm Beach County—and we aim to win.

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