Every year, there are countless numbers of prescriptions written for opiates for patients. These are supposed to be painkillers, designed to help people dealing with the pain of serious injuries and conditions.

While there are a large number of people who use these prescriptions responsibly, there are others who have developed an addiction to the powerful drug. Not many people recognize that these legal opiates can harness the same dangers as illegal heroin sold on the streets.

Now, legal representatives like our team at The Ferraro Law Firm are stepping up to join the fight against what has become a serious epidemic. That’s because abuse of these prescription drugs can be dangerous and sometimes, deadly.

Here are some of the effects that opiates can have on the human body:

  • The Brain: Use of opiates can cause the individual to feel sleepiness or depressed as a result of the use.
  • The Respiratory System: Opiates make it difficult for the individual using the drug to breath. Slow breathing from respiratory depression can lead to death.
  • The Digestive System: Opiate use can impact the user’s digestive system, causing slow digestion, nausea, and vomiting.
  • The Nervous System: Hyperalgesia is common side effect of opiate use causing pain and sensitivity increase. It can also slow physical movement.
  • The Immune System: The overuse of opiates can lead to problems with the immune system, making the user more susceptible to infection.
  • The Liver: Liver damage is common when using opiates in access. Too much damage to the liver can cause the body significant harm, especially when other factors are involved.

These are just the damages caused by taking opiates in excess. There are even more potential hazards when injecting opiates—a common choice for addicted individuals. This can include pulmonary embolism, Hepatitis C, collapsed veins, endocarditis, HIV, and clogged blood vessels.

At The Ferraro Law Firm, our Florida opiate attorneys are putting our foot down. We’re currently representing Palm Beach County in the fight against big pharmaceutical companies—with 29 already facing legal action.

We encourage others to join the fight and help protect those in our communities. We want to improve the health and life of those in South Florida and we’ll work to see a successful resolution in these matters.

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