Florida Consumer Protection Lawyers

Do I Qualify to File a Consumer Protection Lawsuit?

Florida law provides legal protections for consumers. If you are a victim of deceptive trade practice, if your insurance company wrongfully refuses to pay a claim, or if you are a victim of broker fraud, you may be entitled to compensation for your economic losses.

The trial lawyers at The Ferraro Law Firm have a proven track record of successfully taking on large companies and recovering billions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

Call The Ferraro Law Firm, P.A. if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Did your insurance company refuse to pay a legitimate claim?
  • Did you lose money in an investment due to broker fraud?
  • Are you a consumer who has been harmed by the deceptive trade practice of a business?

Our Florida consumer protection attorneys represent numerous clients in action brought under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Practices Act (FDUTPA). For some types of consumer fraud, we can seek triple the amount of your damages under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). We are experienced in filing class action lawsuits on behalf of groups of people who are similarly affected by consumer fraud.

What Is Insurance Fraud?

Your insurance company is required by law to abide by the terms of the policy they sold to you and to pay legitimate claims. If your insurance company unreasonably delays payment of a claim or wrongfully refuses to pay a claim, our attorneys can file an insurance bad faith claim against them.

What Is Broker Fraud?

A broker is required by law to disclose all of the risks associated with an investment. If your broker misrepresents an investment, you may be eligible to recover some or all of your investment through an arbitration hearing.

Other types of broker fraud include:

  • Unsuitable investments according to your risk profile
  • Excessive trading, also known as “churning”
  • Lack of diversification

How Our Experienced Consumer Protection Law Firm in Florida Can Help You

Our firm investigates cases thoroughly. Our approach is founded on:

  • Hard work
  • Attention to detail
  • Relentless pursuit of justice

We are among the most effective law firms in Florida, with billions in verdicts and settlements won by our attorneys. In fact, when other lawyers in Florida need counsel on their cases, we are the firm many attorneys look to for help.

Our success means we have the resources to stand against the largest, most powerful companies in the nation. With tens of thousands of cases handled since 1985, there are few trial law firms with the same amount of sheer courtroom experience as we have. Ultimately, these are all the factors that should lead a person to choose any law firm: experience, resources, and a history of success.

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