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Appellate Law
About The Ferraro Law Firm
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Appellate Law
Appellate Law
About The Ferraro Law Firm
About The Ferraro Law Firm
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Experienced Appellate Lawyers Ready to Fight For You

One disappointing ruling is not always the end of the road towards justice. You may be able to challenge a ruling by filing a notice to appeal in an appellate court. However, these cases are complex and require the help of experienced appellate lawyers.

At The Ferraro Law Firm, our appellate lawyers can help overturn a previous loss or defend a favorable decision that a defendant may try to challenge. If you filed a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company, a product manufacturer, or another defendant and the court ruled that they did not harm you, you may still be able to obtain justice. Just like you might be able to continue seeking justice, so can the corporation that you earned a favorable verdict against. In either of these situations, you will need an appellate lawyer. Appealing a decision or defending a positive ruling requires specialized knowledge that not all attorneys have.

The Ferraro Law Firm Difference

The Ferraro Law Firm has a team of uniquely qualified appellate trial lawyers that can represent you in an appellate court. In addition to their experience representing clients in these cases, some of our attorneys have served as appellate judges themselves. This makes them uniquely qualified to anticipate what appellate judges may be looking for and prepare the best arguments in your favor. 

Whether you are seeking to defend or challenge a decision in federal or state courts, our appellate attorneys can help. Contact us today for a free legal consultation to learn more.

What is Appellate Law?

Appellate courts review challenges to rulings made by lower courts. Generally, appeals can only be made if procedural or legal errors occurred. This means that you cannot appeal a ruling just because you do not agree with it—there either must have been an error with how your trial was run or a judge must have misinterpreted an element of the law. To be successful, it is critical to have an experienced appellate legal team who has a deep understanding of the law and can help identify if trial errors occurred. 

An appellate court will typically not review the evidence relating to your case again or consider new witnesses. You will not have to go through an entire trial again. Instead, the court will review whether or not a procedural error or a judge’s interpretation of the law significantly affected the outcome of your previous case. 

In civil cases, both sides can appeal a decision. In order to do so, they must submit a brief—a notice of appeal—that outlines why they believe a decision should be overturned. Sometimes an appellate court will make a decision based on the arguments outlined in the written briefs. In other cases, they may hear oral arguments from the appellate lawyers. 

Our Appellate Attorneys Help Clients Across Multiple Practice Areas

Our lawyers have represented clients in a variety of appellate cases across numerous practice areas. Here are some ways we may be able to help you. 

Product Liability

If you filed a product liability lawsuit after being injured by a defective or unreasonably dangerous product—including a vehicle, electronic, dangerous drug, medical device, or household good—our appellate attorneys can help appeal or defend a judgment made in your favor against the product manufacturers or store owners. 

In 2016, our law firm successfully defended a $28 million verdict against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco on behalf of the family of a deceased man who smoked their cigarettes for nearly 50 years.

Mass Torts

If a pharmaceutical company or product manufacturer seeks to overturn a verdict ruled in favor of the injured plaintiffs in a mass tort, they may file a notice to appeal. Large corporations often have the financial and legal resources to continue litigating against plaintiffs, which is why it is important to work with a large experienced appellate law firm that has the ability to stand up to these corporations. 

In 2017, The Ferraro Law Firm did just that when we defended a $9 million jury verdict obtained against Northrop Grumman Systems in an asbestos case in the Third District Court of Appeal. 

Class Actions

When a jury awards plaintiffs a large verdict, corporate defendants will typically try to get it overturned, particularly in class action lawsuits filed by large groups of injured consumers. However, not all appeals are successful, and plaintiffs can maintain their victory with the help of qualified appellate attorneys. Our appellate attorneys can review the details of your previous trial to help argue in your favor why or why not a procedural error may have affected the outcome of your case.

Constitutional Law

If you were involved in a dispute concerning an element of your state or federal constitution and you believe the judge ruled incorrectly, you may be able to appeal their decision. Our appellate lawyers can represent you in a higher court. 

In 2018, our appellate lawyers won a high-profile appeal before the Florida Supreme Court. They challenged the constitutionality of the Daubert standard when governing admissible expert testimony. The Florida Supreme Court struck the Daubert standard down as unconstitutional and reinstated an $8 million jury verdict previously earned by our law firm.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation can be incredibly complex and vital to your financial stability and professional success. Our appellate lawyers help individuals who have suffered losses from business disputes, breach of contracts, fraud, and more. 

Over the last decade, The Ferraro Law Firm has worked with the New York Office of the Attorney General to investigate a multi-billion-dollar fraudulent escheatment scheme that involved nine of the largest life insurance companies unlawfully retaining abandoned life insurance proceeds. In December of 2020, our law firm earned an appellate victory that allowed the case to proceed. The case is Total Asset Recovery Services on Behalf of the State of New York v. Metlife

How Our Appellate Lawyers Can Help You

Our attorneys can assist you with every step of the appellate process. From pre-trial legal research and writing, preparing notice of appeals or preliminary legal motions to dismiss, all the way through to preparing an oral argument, our appellate lawyers can give you a second chance at justice. 

Appellate litigation requires an intimate knowledge of the law that not all law firms have. At The Ferraro Law Firm, our team includes experienced appellate lawyers and a former appellate judge who understand the unique intricacies that these cases entail.

Why Hire The Ferraro Law Firm?

You need a law firm that can give you results. Our appellate attorneys have helped numerous clients earn appellate victories that reversed a previous loss or upheld a favorable judgment. In our years of experience, we have represented clients across multiple practice areas, including commercial litigation, consumer protection, dangerous drugs, defective vehicles, and more. We have the experience necessary to see your case through to an ultimate victory in the federal U.S. court of appeals or in a state supreme court.

To learn more about how we may be able to help you, schedule a free, no-obligation legal consultation