Florida Tax Whistleblower Lawyers

Whistleblower Lawyers Holding Tax Underpayment Accountable

Are you aware of high-level tax fraud being committed? Large-scale underpayment ought to be reported, and the IRS provides an incentive to do so: they give up to 30 percent of the money they collect based on your testimony. If you’re unsure of how to provide evidence of tax fraud, do not attempt to do it yourself. The Ferraro Law Firm, P.A. has years of experience holding tax controversy accountable in court.

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Our firm offers four powerful advantages for tax whistleblower cases:

  • Our tax practice is led by seasoned Florida whistleblower attorneys.
  • We have experience handling high-level government claims.
  • We have secured billions of dollars for clients since 1985.
  • Our approach is founded on thorough investigation and preparation.

Our whistleblower lawyers have spent years investigating and researching tax controversies and complex tax issues for the most powerful companies and individuals around the world. We know the signs of a large-scale tax controversy and where the weak spots of a case are located. As a result, clients have access to the same legal representation that Fortune 500 companies enjoy-only in this case, we’re representing their interests and the interests of the American public.

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Our Tax Whistleblower Attorneys Representing Clients Nationwide

Prior to formally proceeding with a tax whistleblower claim, our experienced tax whistleblower lawyers in Florida will carefully review your information and any documentation you have provided. A thoroughness with the initial submission of a whistleblower claim is critical to success. We believe the experience and knowledge that our team possesses make The Ferraro Law Firm the clear choice to handle your claim.

If you believe you have information about a company or individual who is defrauding either the state and/or federal government, please contact The Ferraro Law Firm. We have successfully represented thousands of clients around the world. Our offices are conveniently located for clients in Miami, Florida, Washington D.C., and New York City, NY.