Our $9 Million Talc Powder Verdict Has Gained National Notice

Our attorneys have long been known for receiving outstanding results in Florida.  Now, we’ve been recognized by a national publication for helping consumers stand up to the makers of dangerous products. Law360’s “Top Product Liability Cases Of 2020: Midyear Review” cites The Ferraro Law Firm for our successful $9 million claim against Johnson & Johnson. 

Taking on Johnson & Johnson Over Contaminated Talcum Powder

We’ve been fighting for mesothelioma victims for years, including those who developed this fatal cancer after using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder. This product is easily contaminated by asbestos and can, therefore, cause serious cancers in users. In February of 2020, a jury agreed with us that Johnson & Johnson was negligent in selling and marketing this product without warning of the risks. Our client received a $9 million verdict to cover her medical expenses and the pain and suffering caused by her mesothelioma.

This was the first major talcum powder victory in Florida, and firms in other states are still pursuing cases against Johnson & Johnson for selling this dangerous product. We, along with the other lawyers representing mesothelioma and other cancer patients, have won a major victory for everyone: Johnson & Johnson announced in May it would discontinue talcum-based baby powder sales. The company still plans to fight any and all suits against it, but thankfully this dangerous product will no longer be available in stores. 

A Leading Firm in Asbestos and Mesothelioma Judgments

For more than 45 years, our attorneys at The Ferraro Law Firm have been representing individuals who developed mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos. Once widely used, this fibrous material fell out of favor after its carcinogenic nature was confirmed.  However, mesothelioma may not appear for 30-40 years after the initial exposure to asbestos, meaning many patients are just now receiving a diagnosis. Additionally, with dangerous products like Johnson & Johnson talcum powder making it onto store shelves, consumers are still being exposed to asbestos without realizing it.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, reach out to our team to learn about your legal rights. This cancer is almost always attributable to asbestos exposure. We want to help you receive the compensation you need for your treatment as well as the hardships of facing this disease.

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