In a ruling Thursday, a Missouri jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay over $110 million in a lawsuit against a Virginia woman, according to Reuters. The 62-year-old claims she developed ovarian cancer in 2012, after 40 years of using Johnson & Johnson’s talc-containing hygiene products. She is now undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian and liver cancer. Her lawyers cited studies used in other lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, including a 1982 study that linked talcum powder use to a 92% increased risk in ovarian cancer. The researcher conducting the study directly advised Johnson & Johnson to place a warning label on the products containing talc.

The jury awarded the claimant with $5.4 million in compensatory damages, as well as $105 million in punitive damages. Imerys Talc, the supplier to Johnson & Johnson, was ordered to pay $50,000 in punitive damages. According to the jury, Johnson & Johnson was found to be 99% at fault, while Imerys was found to be 1% at fault.

About 2,400 lawsuits have arisen alleging Johnson & Johnson did not adequately warn consumers of potential cancer risks associated with the use of talc-based products, such as the brand’s well-known baby powder. This particular lawsuit yields the largest verdict out of the cases that have been filed against Johnson & Johnson, though many are still pending in St. Louis.

Johnson & Johnson has paid out $197 million in previous verdicts involving cancer developing from the use of products containing talcum powder. In a statement by Johnson & Johnson, the company expressed sympathy for the women impacted by ovarian cancer, but indicated they planned to appeal the ruling. The previous verdicts are currently under appeal by the company as well.

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