The Consumer Products Safety Commission has established the Crib Information Center in the wake of December’s long-overdue ban on drop-side cribs.

The government issued more than two dozen recalls for defective cribs in 2010. And the dangers of drop-side cribs have been well-known for more than two decades. Tragically, government inaction and a reckless disregard for child safety on the part of manufacturers have led to the preventable deaths of dozens of infants. Each year, hundreds of toys and other products marketed for children are recalled. Consulting a child products injury lawyer is the best course of action when dealing with the injury or death of an infant as the result of a defective crib, car seat, stroller, highchair or other dangerous product.

In May 2010, the government reported at least 32 infants died as a result of suffocation or strangulation in a drop-side crib during the past decade. At least 14 others died as a result of becoming entrapped.

New rules issued in December provide mandatory standards for baby cribs. The standards had not been updated in early 30 years. The new requirements call for manufactures to stop making drop-side cribs, to make mattress supports stronger, to make cribs more durable, and to put products through more rigorous safety testing.

Parents are encouraged to use the CPSC site to ensure they are not using a recalled crib. Information on the government’s crib safety campaign and other safety tips are also available.

“Nurses will not allow newborn babies to leave the hospital without parents having a safe car seat. I also believe that we need to make sure that new parents provide a safe crib, bassinet or play yard for their babies to sleep in,” said CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum. “By reaching new parents before they leave the hospital and again when they visit their pediatrician or health clinic, we hope to prevent deaths and ensure that all babies have a safe sleep.”

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