Overview of Motor Vehicle Defects

Florida Auto Defect Injury Lawyers Holding Manufacturers Accountable

Motor vehicles, by and large, are designed to be safe. However, manufacturers sometimes release vehicles before they are thoroughly tested, or use components known to fail at crucial moments. Careless design or defectively manufactured cars may result in serious injuries or death. However, proving liability is not necessarily simple: the laws regarding auto defect liability vary on a state-by-state basis.

Most states hold the following parties liable for defective automobiles:

  • The car manufacturer
  • The component manufacturer (i.e. tires)
  • The dealer, if they sold the at-fault vehicle

There are multiple reasons why a person would be able to hold a manufacturer or dealer liable for their injuries. Breach of warranty, negligence, and strict liability are only three legal theories that would entitle an injured driver or passenger to compensation. One of our Florida auto defect lawyers can explain how Florida laws apply to your case and review your options.

Here is a brief explanation of the reasons why you may be entitled to an auto defect lawsuit:

  • Breach of Warranty: Your vehicle did not operate at the safety your car manufacturer promised it would—either implicitly or explicitly.
  • Negligence: Manufacturers have an obligation to ensure that their products meet established safety standards.
  • Strict Liability: Car manufacturers are subject to strict liability—which means those harmed by their products do not have to prove negligence or harmful intent to file a valid claim.

How Do I Know If the Car Dealer or Maker Is Liable For My Injuries?

A manufacturer or vehicle dealer, but not an individual who is not in the vehicle sales business, may be liable for breach of express or implied warranty. A breach of warranty may occur if there was an error in the design of the vehicle, if a particular vehicle was put together poorly, or if the components installed on the vehicle did not perform properly.

However, it is possible for a seller and buyer to disclaim all warranties during a vehicle sales transaction. Your attorney can review all of the documents signed at the sale of your vehicle and all of the surrounding circumstances to determine if there is an express or implied warranty in effect.

A manufacturer or a dealer may be held liable for negligence if the vehicle was not manufactured according to specifications, if it contained a design defect, or if the installed components were inadequate and it caused you or a loved one to be injured in a crash.

How Our Auto Defect Injury Law Firm Can Help You

Bringing an action for injuries caused by a defective motor vehicle is very complicated. Such an action not only requires thorough legal knowledge of all the rules and laws that apply, but also requires an understanding of the technical, engineering, and scientific principles that go into the manufacture and design of a safe motor vehicle. That’s where The Ferraro Law Firm can help.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by an automobile defect, contact us to schedule a free legal consultation.

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