Fort Myers Mesothelioma Lawyer

If you live in the Fort Myers, Florida area and you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to compensation.

Mesothelioma patients and their families may be able to recover money for their medical expenses and other losses if they developed the illness because another party’s negligence exposed them to asbestos.

Determining if you have grounds for a mesothelioma claim or lawsuit requires familiarity with Florida asbestos laws and regulations. To maximize your chances of securing the full amount of compensation you may be entitled to, review your case with a Fort Myers mesothelioma attorney at The Ferraro Law Firm. We can help you determine how to proceed.

What You Need to Know About Fort Myers Mesothelioma Cases

Mesothelioma often develops when a person has inhaled asbestos fibers. Sometimes a diagnosis is not made until many years or even decades after they were first exposed to asbestos.

Anyone can potentially be exposed to asbestos through a variety of ways. Some occupations, however, involve a significantly greater risk of asbestos exposure than others. Although employers are required to protect their workers by providing protective clothing and safety equipment, sometimes they fail to do so.

Many of these high-risk jobs are common in Florida. This may explain why more people die of mesothelioma in Florida every year than in most other parts of the country.

If you or a loved one were diagnosed with mesothelioma because an employer or other party failed to take resonable measures to protect your health, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your losses. Working with a personal injury law firm in the Fort Myers area may improve your chances of receiving a fair settlement offer.

The Valuable Role of a Fort Myers Mesothelioma Law Firm

You might not be diagnosed with mesothelioma until years after you were first exposed to asbestos, so it could be unclear where and how your health was endangered. This is one of many reasons it is recommended that you enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer in the Fort Myers area.

Our Fort Myers mesothelioma lawyers are qualified to investigate your work history and other relevant elements of your background to identify the parties that may be responsible for compensating you. Once we have identified the liable parties, we may file a lawsuit or help you file a claim with an asbestos trust fund. These trust funds exist to compensate mesothelioma victims after a company has declared bankruptcy.

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