After losing his father, Louis Ferraro, to a heart attack, Jim Ferraro, founder of The Ferraro Law Firm, has become a fierce advocate for finding a cure to heart disease. In order to further cardiovascular disease research, he donated $500,000 to the Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute’s Miami Heart Study.

The Miami Heart Study is a long-term observational study that examines the causes of cardiovascular disease and the relationships between risk factors, genetics, and lifestyle behaviors among cardiovascular patients in the Miami area. The findings will be instrumental in helping scientists find a cure for heart disease.

“Baptist Health is on the forefront of treating people who are sickthe forefront of saving people’s lives,” said Jim Ferraro in an interview with Baptist Health Foundation. “Without philanthropy, society fails because we need to take care of each other. If you go in the opposite direction of philanthropy, it becomes anarchy and we need to avoid that. Giving back is also just doing the right thinghelping another human being.”

To learn about all of the charities and causes The Ferraro Law Firm supports, view our Charitable Giving page.