This June, the EPA proposed groundbreaking new regulations regarding asbestos usage. Referred to as a SNUR, or Significant New Use Rule, the EPA only releases these kinds of regulations when it looks to dramatically change the current state of affairs on a particular chemical. However, the SNUR on asbestos has been hotly debated, particularly with regard to one key question: Does this mean new asbestos products will begin to be approved by the EPA? In this post, our Florida mesothelioma attorneys will discuss whether this question has merit.

What Is the SNUR on Asbestos Use?

According to the EPA, the SNUR on asbestos is intended to “broaden EPA’s restrictions on asbestos products.” While there is still no plan to ban asbestos outright, the agency projects that many additional products could be prevented by the SNUR. The proposed SNUR would also force any company that currently manufactures, imports, or processes unregulated forms of asbestos to get explicit approval from the EPA, which some supporters argue increases the strength of their jurisdiction.

Will the EPA Approve Additional Asbestos Uses in the Future?

While supporters claim that the SNUR bolsters existing asbestos regulations, many disagree: The Environmental Working Group has noted that the EPA will also be scaling back evaluations and reviews of asbestos exposure, which could ultimately hurt thousands of affected Americans. Additionally, the failure of the new SNUR to fully ban new uses of asbestos does leave open the door for potential approvals, regardless of what the EPA insists.

Ultimately, there is no way to verify for now if the EPA’s new regulation means that asbestos will experience a renaissance – but if the SNUR goes into effect, only time will be able to tell if additional American suffer from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases as a result.

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