Asbestos victims received a blow with a recent federal court ruling, upholding a lower trial judge’s decision to dismiss the claims of 12 plaintiffs represented by another law firm in a multi-district case for failure to supply extensive and specific exposure histories.

Our mesothelioma attorneys understand this failure was not in compliance with an earlier pre-trial court order. The submissions, the trial court judge ruled, were fatally flawed because they failed to include specifics of how and when the plaintiffs were exposed to the deadly fibers.

Of course, as we recognize, a question like this does not always have a straightforward answer. Because asbestos was so pervasive, particularly in the last century, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exposure that led to the fatal cancer. A person may have been exposed in numerous jobs, or during home renovation projects, working on one’s own vehicle, or by close contact with a spouse or relative who had suffered repeated exposure such that the dust remained on their clothing.

Matters are further complicated by the fact that the disease does not arise automatically. And, in fact, will take decades to be diagnosed. By then, memories fade. Records disappear. Proof of that exposure, even if it is properly recalled, may be difficult to find.

That’s why these cases require attorneys who are experienced and thoroughly dedicated to extensive research before the case ever goes to trial. In most cases, the legal process is lengthy. When you and your family invest time and energy into the process, you need to know that your attorney is going to ask the right questions, have the resources to seek the necessary information and, of course, comply with judicial orders. Our lawyers have been representing these victims successfully for over 25 years.

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