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Do you live in the Davie, Florida area? Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with mesothelioma? If so, contact one of our Davie mesothelioma attorneys: You may be entitled to compensation.

Mesothelioma is a preventable form of cancer most often caused by asbestos exposure. It is possible that you or your loved one developed this illness because of the negligence of another party, such as an employer or property owner. If so, you may be entitled to compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, funeral expenses, and other losses.

One of the qualified Davie personal injury lawyers at The Ferraro Law Firm can review your case for free to see if you may be eligible for compensation.

Davie Mesothelioma Cases: Why Victims May Be Entitled to Compensation

Mesothelioma often develops after inhaling asbestos fibers. Laws exist to limit the public’s exposure to asbestos. However, they are not always followed.

If a company or organization unnecessarily exposed an individual to asbestos, they may be responsible for compensating them for the harm they have suffered. Many of these companies have set up asbestos trust funds to compensate mesothelioma victims. These funds are available even after a company has declared bankruptcy.

In addition to seeking compensation from an asbestos trust fund, victims may also be able to file a lawsuit against the companies that may have put their health at risk.

Unfortunately, the jobs that pose a greater-than-average risk of exposing employees to asbestos are fairly common in Florida. That may be why Florida’s rate of mesothelioma deaths is significantly higher than that of other states.

Simply living with someone who has worked near asbestos can put you at risk of developing mesothelioma. Asbestos fibers can stick to clothing, making their way from a worksite into your home undetected.

If you suspect another party’s negligence resulted in you or a loved one being diagnosed with mesothelioma, contact our Davie personal injury law firm today. Working with an attorney may maximize your chances of securing the full amount of compensation you could be entitled to.

How a Mesothelioma Law Firm in Davie, Florida Can Help You

Seeking compensation from a negligent party through an asbestos trust fund or lawsuit first requires identifying who exposed you to asbestos. This is one of the main reasons you should enlist the help of a Davie mesothelioma lawyer.

Many people do not develop mesothelioma until years or even decades after first being exposed to asbestos. With that in mind, our attorneys will thoroughly investigate your work history and relevant background to determine who may be responsible for compensating you. Our mesothelioma lawyers will also review the extent of your losses to calculate how much compensation is fair, and if necessary, we will negotiate aggressively on your behalf to help you collect it.

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