The Ferraro Law Firm has been selected to work on behalf of the city of Hialeah, Florida, to seek compensation for damages caused by firefighting foams containing per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances — a class of chemicals known as PFAS. These chemicals have been linked to numerous health problems, including cancer. 

The Ferraro Law Firm has previously represented other communities and individuals in similar cases and is considered one of the leading law firms in toxic exposure litigation. The decision by the Hialeah City Council comes as more and more communities across the United States are becoming aware of the dangers of PFAS contamination and seeking legal recourse against companies responsible for polluting their water and soil with these toxic chemicals.

PFAS Soil and Groundwater Contamination

Firefighting foam containing PFAS can contaminate soil and groundwater and may also run off into nearby waterways. Once PFAS are released into the environment, they can accumulate in fish and other wildlife, as well as in humans who consume contaminated food or water. This can lead to health problems such as kidney, testicular, liver, and thyroid cancers, ulcerative colitis, pre-eclampsia, and more. 

Growing Concern About PFAS-Containing Firefighting Foam

Given the risks associated with PFAS-containing firefighting foam, there is growing concern about the use of this material. Some countries and municipalities have already taken steps to ban or phase out the use of PFAS-containing foam, and many organizations are exploring alternatives.

In the recent Hialeah City Council meeting which voted to retain the services of The Ferraro Law Firm, Attorney James Ferraro, Jr. gave a powerful presentation on the dangers of PFAS and their common use in Aqueous Firefighting Foams (AFFF). He detailed how this problem is not only affecting Hialeah but also in numerous cities across the United States:

“This is not a problem that is unique to Hialeah, this is a problem all over the country…higher litigation itself has about eight thousand claimants, and a large amount of those are first responders or firefighter personnel that have been diagnosed with various illnesses.” 

Ferraro then proceeded to show a picture of a graduating class from The Ocala Fire College posing unknowingly in dangerous firefighting foam containing toxic chemicals. “They were basically playing slip and slide in what they thought were soap suds…unbeknownst to them, they were playing in toxic sludge. This is some of the worst corporate malfeasance,” stated Ferraro. 

The Ferraro Law Firm Retained to Represent City of Hialeah in AFFF Lawsuit

Once the firm’s presentation concluded, the Council moved to retain The Ferraro Law Firm for representation. With decades of experience in complex litigation, The Ferraro Law Firm has successfully represented clients in cases related to environmental contamination, and chemical exposure. The firm’s team has the legal knowledge, technical expertise, and resources needed to investigate and prosecute complex AFFF cases. A commitment to seeking justice is evident in the firm’s track record of securing substantial verdicts and settlements for those who have suffered harm due to exposure to AFFF and other hazardous substances. 

The City of Hialeah is the sixth largest municipality in Florida, serving over 224,000 residents living in approximately 20 square miles. This multidistrict litigation suit will bring much-needed attention to the issues facing the city and emphasize the harm Aqueous Firefighting Foams have caused first responders, residents, and the environment.