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In Alabama, industrial jobs like manufacturing and construction have been some of the largest contributors to the state’s economy and infrastructure throughout its history. With nearly 360,000 people employed in these industries, the state still heavily relies on these hard-working laborers. Unfortunately, these jobs can pose many health risks to those involved. 

For over a century, health experts have known about the dangers of working with asbestos. Sadly, it was not until the 1970s that the harmful substance became more strictly regulated. Many companies have been accused of ignoring and even covering up the risks of asbestos.

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Causes of Asbestos Exposure in Alabama

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that contains fibers that are separated into strong, thin threads that are used in a variety of industries. Before the use of asbestos was regulated, many manufacturing and industrial companies in Alabama used the substance in many ways. 

Asbestos has heat-resisting and insulating properties, which made it useful for many materials. Some of the highest rates of asbestos exposure in Alabama were found in steelworkers, factory workers, and cement manufacturing throughout the state. Since asbestos particles can be transferred onto clothes, workers can also bring the dangerous substance home with them. 

Secondary exposure was common before asbestos became strictly regulated. Family members can also be exposed by way of small fibers caught in their loved one’s clothes.

Diagnosis of Mesothelioma in Alabama

Due to the long time period between exposure and outward signs, it can be tough to diagnose mesothelioma. Many symptoms of mesothelioma also mirror those that are associated with other illnesses. Some of the symptoms include painful coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, fever, abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, and fatigue. 

When you seek medical attention for symptoms of asbestos exposure, your doctor will likely do the following:

  • Medical History/Exam: Your doctor will ask about your medical history, risk of asbestos exposure, and complete a physical examination to look for signs of mesothelioma and other illnesses like asbestosis.
  • Imaging: Your doctor may recommend a chest x-ray, CT scan, PET scan, and/or echocardiogram to get a picture of what is happening inside of your body.
  • Bloodwork: Blood tests can determine whether you have higher levels of substances that are elevated in individuals with mesothelioma. 
  • Biopsy: This is a test that involves taking a sample of cells from the abnormal area and analyzing them under a microscope. Doctors are then able to tell if these cells are cancerous in nature.

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